Trinity Distribution Park Felixstowe
Trinty Distribution park Felixstowe

Planning Framework

Today the Trimley Estate covers 3400 acres – a major part of the Felixstowe peninsula. Besides the Port of Felixstowe, the UK's leading container port, and Trinity Distribution Park, with its commercial support facilities, Trimley Estate encompasses a large and varied rural acreage.


The  growth of the port over recent years has been considerable, and has been matched by the steady growth of support facilities and the development of the local infrastructure.


Following a community planning exercise carried out by the Town and Country Planning Association in 2001, the College published its long-term vision for the Felixstowe Peninsula in order to provide a considered framework for future change and sustainability.


The latest update to this vision was published in 2007. In 2013 / 14 there have been various planning applications for commercial / employment / residential and leisure related schemes. Subsequently the College has published further details in support of two potential strategic employment sites which the College is promoting at Innocence Farm and Christmasyards Wood as extensions to the existing Trinity Distribution Park.

PDF Download the full Planning Framework (June 2003 version)

PDF Download the full masterplan summary (October 2007 version)

PDF Download the short masterplan summary (October 2007 version)

Innocence Farm Scott White Hookins Draft Final Report

Christmasyards Wood Strategic Employment Site Phase I Engineering Assessment June 2008


Useful reports:


PDF Transport Survey (Nov 2007)

PDF Implications of Road Traffic Noise - Constraints Report (Sept 2007)

PDF Trimley Estate Development Sites - Characteristics and Approach (Nov 2007)

PDF Rights of way map (Feb 2010)


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